Departmental Structure and Member

                     H.O.D  Mr. Khaemba Patrick (Coach; Football)


  1. Mr. Shiundu Dishon- Head Coach; Handball
  2. Mr. Opanyi Paul- Coach; Boys Handball
  3. Miss. Sichangi Christine- Girls Handball
  4. Mr. Ochieng’ Odhiambo- Assistant Team Manager; Football
  5. Mr. Muranda Griffin- Coach; Legball
  6. Mr. Ominde Daniel- Assistant Coach; Legball
  7. Mr. Omeno Bonface- Assistant Coach; Football
  8. Mr. Shikanda Samuel- Assistant Coach; Football
  9. Mr. Wekesa Moses- Coach; Volleyball

10.  Mr. Mukungu Peter- Assistant Coach; Volleyball

11.  Mr. Keverenge Peter- Coach; Athletics

12.  Mr. Machengo Josephat- Assistant Coach; Athletics

13.  Mr. Okumu Ben- Coach; Rugby

14.  Miss. Were Dorcillah- Coach; Indoor Games

15.  Mr. Ojango Luke- Coach; Lacrosse

16.  Mrs. Nyegenye Immaculate- Coach; Netball

17.  Miss. Nyangule Beatrice- Assistant Coach; Netball

Games Master’s Comments

The Games Department is true to the adage, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”  In view of this, it has tried as much as possible to ensure that the students engage in a plethora of activities to enhance their physical and mental growth. The games offered in the school include, Football, Athletics, Legball, Netball, Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Rugby and Lacrosse.

The school is a force to be reckoned with in Games and their nickname, “Shiats” or “Tsunami” strikes fear in their opponents whenever it is mentioned.

However, the school has challenges in games, chief among them the lack of its own fields, which has forced it into a sharing agreement with the primary school. This has greatly inconvenienced it from time to time.

It is our hope that the school management can make future arrangements to acquire more land for the school to enable it introduce even more games like Basketball, Hockey and Lawn Tennis.



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